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A windy and sparrowhawky day!

søndag 27. oktober 2019
af Ramón Soto Madrid

When we opened the nets today at 06:30 am due to the time change, we could not believe how little wind there was, so we got a bit excited and opened a lot of nets, but in the first round we closed almost everything and left only 65 meters of nets opened because there was a lot of wind. A lot.

We have had a lovely day at the station! We ringed three male sparrowhawks, two of them 1K and one 2K, which it was very nice for comparison. The rest of the birds ringed were the usuals ones, but they are always nice to see.


WhatsApp Image 2019 10 27 at 19.41.18

In the picture you can see the wing of a 2K sparrowhawk with some juveniles feathers that have been retained.

We found some time to fix some of the paths at the station, so we are ready and we will have no slides when the big days come and we are running to extract the birds from the nets.

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 27 at 19.37.41

Gail collecting the wood chips to put on top of the muddy places around the garden.

We have had no luck yet at catching owls, but we will keep you updated. Tonight we will not try because the weather shows periods of rain and it is still very windy.

The data of today:

WhatsApp Image 2019 10 27 at 20.38.50


I hope you had a good day!