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A beautiful day of ringing!

onsdag 6. november 2019
af Ramón Soto Madrid

Finally we have had a good day in terms of ringing, we have been pretty unlucky with the weather, too much rain and wind the last days, but as we anticipated on Monday, the weather for today was just great. A lot of clouds, a bit of north wind…

The first round was not too busy, but we knew we would be catching birds today. We started with solsort, fuglekonge, dompap… By the end of the standard time, the numbers of bird caught in the nets were slowing, but we could see some flocks of grønsisken flying over, so we decided to use the speaker after standard time, and it finally worked! In one of the high nets we got around fifty of them and close to that net there was a group of around 10 gråsisken waiting to be extracted! So we were very very happy about that!

Towards the end of the day, we got two more surprises!! In the penultimate round we got a beautiful adult female sjagger, Turdus pilaris (Fieldfare), which was the first ever for Gail! Yuhu!! and in the very last round, our only bird of the round was a beautiful adult male nordlig gråsisken with a ring from Sweden!!

WhatsApp Image 2019 11 06 at 20.35.12

WhatsApp Image 2019 11 06 at 20.35.39

As always we are trying to catch owls, we had one owl in the net tonight already, but we were too slow and it escaped before we could get there. I screamed so loud calling for Gail that probably, the station will never ever catch an owl ever again but we will keep on trying just in case…

Yesterday we forgot to mention that Vibeke and Line brought us some treats!! Chocolate vegan milk, vegan ice cream, yummy fruit, ribena and a christmas candle! All the good things! Such a lovely surpise, thank you so much!

Also, as almost every day, we are bombarding Jesper Brinkmann with questions about ageing birds and tricks for catching owls... thank you so much!

As always, the numbers from today:

WhatsApp Image 2019 11 06 at 20.43.46


All the best,