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A lull in the wind

lørdag 16. november 2019
af Gail Stride

The wind died out completely overnight and we were able to open all the nets this morning. It was strangely warm in fact! We only got a brief respite from the weather as it started to drizzle around 10am, meaning that we only got a few hours of ringing in. In that time we got more birds than over the previous few days, but still not so many… We played sounds in an attempt to lure a flock of siskin or redpolls down into the garden, but it didn’t work in the short time we had the nets open. Maybe another day it will.

We didn’t get any unusual birds – just a smattering of the usuals. After lunch I walked to Gedser for some supplies and discovered that the wind had come back in full force – and then some! It is insanely windy here at the moment! We can hear it howling around the house, and we are very glad to be cozy inside with the fire going. Hopefully it’ll die down enough for us to open nets again in the morning.

We didn’t take any photos today, but the data are below.



WhatsApp Image 2019 11 16 at 21.03.00