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And then they were there

onsdag 20. maj 2020
As expected, one has to wait for a weather change
af Robert Luttik

When I went out this morning to open the nets I already heard that new birds had arrived. Amongst others a Thrush nightingale (Nattergal) was singing. So I was really happy and looking forward to the first round.

The first round brought me a female Rosefinch (Karmindompap) and the second round a Nattergal. For me a good species because I am more familiar with the Southern Nightingale. The third round I found two Red-backed Shrikes. Always difficult to get out of the net, but they were unable to snap me with their beaks. And in the 8 o'clock round the next surprise there was: a Bluethroat. For this bird I phoned Hans and he sent the message around, but only one other birder besides Hans popped up. The Rosefinch and the Bluethroat were new species for the year and there were two other new species. I caught a Reed Warbler (Rørsanger) and a Marsh Warbler (Kærsanger).

In total I caught 69 birds (64 new and 5 recaptures). See list below:

catches of cor20maj2020

You probably haven't noticed I'm not the best photographer. And it's especially difficult when you're alone. And even more difficult today because the species I wanted to show you is almost never sitting still. A Rosefich is rather aggressive, Shrikes too. And a Bluethroat is always moving. But for the Bluethroat I had some help from Hans.

Photo gallery


shrike femaleshrike male

blue chest 1

blauwborst 2.png

With kind regards, I am looking forward to tomorrow