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Another quiet day

fredag 22. maj 2020
Even less than yesterday
af Robert Luttik

Although I was very early today, the birds were just not there. A bit the same as yesterday. With the difference that I have no caugth on the lake (a bit too windy for the open place). Highlight again a Red / backed Shrike, number 5 of the year. A total of 18 birds, 8 new and 10 recaptures (see table).

catches of 22maj2020

It is difficult to write anything on a day nothing is happening. There was a small family visiting the sation and Hans did the entertaining. The group was lucky because they were there when I had my best around five different species including the tornado. So they were happy.

In the morning an adult rosy starling was seen flying over the tip, but did not rest in the garden. Would have been a good one. Many years ago In the Netherlands at a site where we were using groundnets I almost had a juvenile one. It landed half a meter outside the net with a few thousand normal starlings but did not want to walk on the net. We had a lot of normal ones but not that special one.

Her er dagens adulte rosenstær (Rosy Starling), afstand 200 m! Foto: Louis A. Hansen

2020 05 22 Rosenstaer LAH JPG

Only one picture today. It's a Gulbug (Icterine Warbler).

spot bird

With kind regards and hopefully a more busy day tomorrow. Let's see what the day will bring.