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Twice as much as yesterday

mandag 25. maj 2020
af Robert Luttik

When I went out this morning there was still some wind and I did not expect many birds, also because there were not many birds moving around or singing. When I wrote to Hans that it was a little bit better than the day before and that I had 11 birds (around 7 o'clock). He wrote back: Super! Something special must come in the next days. 

In total I caught 15 birds, 11 new and 4 recaptures (see table).

catches of 25maj2020

Today again a Red-backed Shrike. Eight birds in 6 days and 9 birds in total this spring, which is equal to last year (see graph) and more than the year before. This species is evidently doing well and we still have some weeks to go.

shrikeGraph is made by trektellen.nl in which database the results of Gedser can also be found.

Bo made some pictures of the Shrike (Tornskade). Till now I was not bitten by this species, but as you can see holding it up for a picture did the trick.



And in addition a close up of a Reed Warbler.


Part of the afternoon was spent repairing a mistnet (underline was broken). This is a tedious type of work, but worthwhile because nets are rather expensive and this net was not old at all and still in good condition for catching birds. 

Like Hans I am also an optimistic person and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

With kind regards