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En rolige dag

fredag 29. maj 2020
A quiet day
af Robert Luttik

A day with not so many birds. No wind which is good for catching birds. Very sunny which is not so good for catching birds. But also, the nets in the shadow did not bring birds. There were just barely any new birds and the local breeding birds know the nets are and do not fly often into the nets.

The day started with four birds in the first round including two Red-backed Shrikes (Rødrygget Tornskade). The second round again 4 birds including two Marsh Warblers.

After this start I decided to open some nets at the pond, which resulted in 2 Barn Swallows (Landsvale), 2 Sand Martins (Digesvale) and 1 Linnet (Tornirisk).

This is the story of the day. I closed the nets at 13.00 hours.

A total of 12 species were caught, 26 birds (22 new ones and 4 recaptures). See Table below.

catches of 29maj2020

Tomorrow I will try to find out whether May 2020 is better or worse than the recent past years. Today I have made a small exercise regarding the Icterine Warbler (Gulbug). I used the data as recorded in Trektellen.nl and have printed below the graph made by this program. For the Gulbug the outcome is that 2020 is better than 2019 and 2018. The graph includes recaptures but because we try to catch birds in a standard way, I think that doesn't matter much.

yellowbug graph

In the picture gallery today a picture of one of the Tornskader and one of the Landsvaler and a picture of the tail of this bird. Nicely long streamers but they can be even longer.

shrike 29 farm swallow 29


With kind regards