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Det samme som i går

lørdag 30. maj 2020
The same as yesterday
af Robert Luttik

Again not many new birds in the garden. The day started with a round of zero and then one with one bird. So, I decided to open the nets near the pond again. This time I had 3 different swallow/martin species: 2 Barn Swallows (Landsvale), 2 Sand Martins (Digesvale) and 4 House Martins (Bysvale). One of the Barn Swallows was ringed in 2017 here at this location. Later in the morning I had 4 Starlings (Stær) in one of the pond nets and later also two in the garden. Five were birds born this year, so the first young are flying around while some other species only now start to breed.

In total today 31 birds (12 species, 24 new ones and 7 recaptures). See Table below.

catches of 30maj2020Was the month May of this year not such a good month as the years before? I do not think that that is the case. I have only three year 22018, 2019 and 2020. In the first year in total 667 new birds were caught, in 2019 916 and this year till now 738. So maybe 2019 was very good, but this year is slightly better than 2018. So nothing special.

Tomorrow is my last day. Nets at the pond are not there anymore. Lets hope the garden will bring something special on the last day.

I have two pictures for you today: one of a young starling and one of an older female starling.

spreeuw jong spreeuw oud 2

With kind regards