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A slower day

fredag 2. september 2016
af Alex Penn

Despite apparently good conditions this morning, the birds simply failed to appear in good numbers. Despite 7 hours of catching, only 38 new birds were processed. These consisted of the usual mix of common migrants, with Robin the most numerous (9).

Totals comprised:

Dunnock/Jernspurv - 1, Robin/Rødhals - 9, Redstart/Rødstjert - 2, Blackbird/Solsort - 1, Reed Warbler/Rørsanger - 1, Icterine Warbler/Gulbug - 1, Lesser Whitethroat/Gærdesanger - 5, Garden Warbler/Havesanger- 4, Blackcap/Munk - 7, Willow Warbler/Løvsanger - 4, Spotted Flycatcher/Grå Fluesnapper - 1, Pied Flycatcher/Broget Fluesnapper - 1, Tree Sparrow/Skovspurv - 1. 

A flock of 12 Honey Buzzards passed over early in the morning (having likely roosted nearby), and several Sparrowhawks were flushed from the garden through the day. 

Now its autumn!

torsdag 1. september 2016
af Simon Davies

Very similar to yesterday although even calmer through the morning so it was not too much of a surprise that the ringing session was also very similar to yesterday with 76 new birds caught; there was again a mix of early and later autumn migrants with Robins, Dunnocks and Blackcaps featuring prominently along with the first Chaffinch of the autumn but there was also 2 Marsh Warblers, an Icterine Warbler and a Thrush Nightingale caught while of note as well were 17 Lesser Whitethroats and the second Nuthatch of the year.

The totals today - 3 Dunnock / Jernspurv;  6 Robin / Roedhals;  1 Thrush Nightingale / Nattergal;  2 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Blackbird / Solsort;  1 Song Thrush / Sangdrossel;  2 Marsh Warbler / Kaersanger;  1 Icterine Warbler / Gulbug;  17 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  2 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  2 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  9 Blackcap / Munk;  1 Chiffchaff / Gransanger;  4 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  1 Pied Flycatcher / Broget Fluesnapper;  1 Blue Tit / Blamejse;  1 Nuthatch / Spaetmejse;  20 Tree Sparrow / Skovspurv;  1 Chaffinch / Bogfinke

DSCN6553 300x400


                Several small flocks of Blue Tits piled into the garden but [fortunately!] avoided the nets while also seen were 2 Spotted Flycatchers, at least 2 Great-spotted Woodpeckers and a few Tree Pipits overhead.   Raptors were a bit slow with the usual handful of Sparrowhawks and a couple of Honey Buzzards seen, both of which were generally heading due west over the garden but Louis et al out on the tip scored with a second year male Red-footed Falcon which flew south mid-afternoon.

                I had a brief look at Bøtø in the small window between a very heavy spell of rain in the afternoon and the sun reappearing and blinding you as you looked west from the tower but it was fairly quiet as the few waders included a juvenile Temminck’s Stint, 3 juvenile Curlew Sandpipers and 6 Spotted Redshanks along with Wood Sandpipers, Green Sandpiper, Greenshank, Ruff and Dunlin; also of note were 6 Cranes , 2 Great White Egrets and several Water Rails including an adult with a still all black, tiny chick.   A flock of 5 smart summer plumaged Grey Plovers flew over the garden in the evening.

For more pictures from around Gedser look at www.wykebirding.blogspot.com


onsdag 31. august 2016
af Alex Penn

We had a better day of catching today in calmer (but still clear) conditions, with a respectable total of 75 birds of 14 species. As has been the norm this week, the vast majority of these were caught before 8am, with a steep drop-off in numbers after this as birds clear out of the garden and the sun hits our nets! 

Highlights today included the autumn's first Firecrest (with a second calling in the garden), rising numbers of Robins and Blackcaps (12 and 17 respectively) and another Red-backed Shrike.

Totals comprised: 

Dunnock/Jernspurv - 4, Robin/Rødhals - 12, Redstart/Rødstjert - 5, Blackbird/Solsort - 4, Marsh Warbler/Kærsanger - 1, Lesser Whitethroat/Gærdesanger - 9, Whitethroat/Tornsanger - 6, Garden Warbler/Havesanger - 5, Blackcap/Munk - 17, Chiffchaff/Gransanger - 3, Willow Warbler/Løvsanger - 6, Firecrest/Rødtoppet Fuglekonge - 1, Red-backed Shrike/Rødrygget Tornskade - 1, Tree Sparrow/Skovspurv - 2.

Sparrowhawks and Kestrels were again obvious around the garden and surrounding area all day, but the only large raptors seen were a couple of Honey Buzzards. 

20160831 093931

20160831 093831

A couple of pictures of today's Firecrest - a real jewel of a bird.


Come on Honey

tirsdag 30. august 2016
af Simon Davies

Still breezy, although the westerly wind was nowhere near as strong as yesterday allowing most of the nets to be opened where we managed 50 new birds comprising the usual spread of migrants with the first Wheatear to be ringed this year the only unusual species.   Raptors were again obvious over the garden as 8 Honey Buzzards, 30+ Sparrowhawks, a couple of Marsh Harriers and several Kestrels were counted through the morning along with good numbers of Tree Pipits and a flock of Crossbills heard but not seen.   Also of note were 5 Wheatears and a juvenile Red-backed Shrike in the front field.  

Today's totals - 2 Tree Pipit / Skovpiber;  1 Dunnock / Jernspurv;  8 Robin / Roedhals;  6 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Wheatear / Stenpikker;  1 Blackbird / Solsort;  3 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  5 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  2 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  4 Blackcap / Munk;  9 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  1 Spotted Flycatcher / Gra Fluesnapper;  4 Pied Flycatcher / Broget Fluesnapper;  3 Tree Sparrow / Skovspurv

DSCN6527 311x400Wheatear 

                I had a little look out on the point straight after we’d closed the nets at lunchtime but there was no evidence of any raptors passing over the tip but quite a few Sparrowhawks and Kestrels were again cutting SW over the fields completely avoiding the tip so I again went out and watched for a while over the fields just north of Birkemose where there was a dark juvenile Honey Buzzard, a couple of White-tailed Eagles, 3 Marsh Harriers and small numbers of Sparrowhawks and Kestrels but they were passing on a very broad front and often cutting back and turning round so very difficult to get an accurate count.


Bright and breezy

mandag 29. august 2016
af Alex Penn

A strong south-westerly breeze meant that we were severely limited in the number of nets we could open today, and this was reflected in the ringing totals - just 18 new birds of 8 species.

That total comprised:

Tree Pipit/Skovpiber - 6, Thrush Nightingale/Nattergal - 1, Redstart/Rødstjert - 1, Lesser Whitethroat/Gærdesanger - 2, Blackcap/Munk - 2, Willow Warbler/Løvsanger - 3, Spotted Flycatcher/Grå Fluesnapper - 1, Tree Sparrow/Skovspurv - 2.


Simon and I rotated positions ringing and vis-migging at the point through the morning, with highlights from there including 2 Honey Buzzards, 2 Osprey, a White-tailed Eagle, several Sparrowhawks, and small numbers of the expected ducks and waders.   

20160828 123837 resizedSpotted Flycatcher

20160829 160015 resizedTree Pipit


søndag 28. august 2016
af Simon Davies

Thunder, lightning, torrential downpours and a strong, gusty, swirling wind seemingly coming from every direction at once from first light curtailed any ringing activity for several hours preventing the standardised ringing from being carried out; once we got a few nets open there were a few birds around as we ended up with 40 new birds made up predominantly of 24 Willow Warblers along with small numbers of the usual migrants – Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher, Garden Warbler, Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat etc.

Today's non-standardised ringing - 1 Redstart / Roedstjert;  7 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  2 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  1 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  2 Blackcap / Munk;  24 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  2 Spotted Flycatcher / Gra Fluesnapper;  1 Pied Flycatcher / Broget Fluesnapper

                There wasn’t too much else to mention through the rest of this quiet day with 4-5 Sparrowhawks seen around the garden and a couple of Whinchats along the front fence.

IMG 2359 400x237

Osprey over the station yesterday evening

For more pictures from around Gedser (not from today though!) see www.wykebirding.blogspot.com

What a difference a day makes!

lørdag 27. august 2016
af Alex Penn

After a disappointingly slow day yesterday, a change in the wind brought us a much better number of birds today. The light north-westerly delivered 121 new birds to our nets, with activity tailing off in the late morning. The bulk of the birds were Lesser Whitethroats (29) and Blackcaps (20). A second Grasshoppper Warbler for the autumn was a nice highlight. 

Totals comprised:

Dunnock/Jernspurv - 3, Robin/Rødhals 6, Redstart/Rødstjert - 2, Grasshopper Warbler/Græshoppesanger - 1, Marsh Warbler/Kærsanger - 2, Icterine Warbler/Gulbug - 2, Lesser Whitethroat/Gærdesanger - 29, Whitethroat/Tornsanger - 17, Garden Warbler/Havesanger - 5, Blackcap/Munk - 20, Chiffchaff/Gransanger - 2, Willow Warbler/Løvsanger - 15, Spotted Flycatcher/Grå Fluesnapper - 1, Pied Flycatcher/Broget Fluesnapper - 5, Red-backed Shrike/Rødrygget Tornskade - 1, Tree Sparrow/Skovspurv - 9, Goldfinch/Stillits - 1.

Migrating birds were low in number - 2 Marsh Harrier and 5 Sparrowhawk were seen. 

 MG 9194An immature male Marsh Harrier with distinctive moult limits today.

More Wrynecks

fredag 26. august 2016
af Simon Davies

It remained hot and sunny but the now southerly wind was a bit stronger than yesterday and the nets were a bit quieter than yesterday; the 28 new birds did however include 2 Wrynecks (sixth and seventh for the autumn) and the third Wood Warbler along with single Spotted Flycatcher, Pied Flycatcher, Redstart, Icterine Warbler, Marsh Warbler and Tree Pipit.   It was quiet around the garden and overhead as well with a Sparrowhawk and a few Swifts the only signs of any migration.

Todays meagre totals - 2 Wrynecks / Vendehals;  1 Tree Pipit / Skovpiber;  1 Robin / Roedhals;  1 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Marsh Warbler / Kaersanger;  1 Icterine Warbler / Gulbug;  4 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  2 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  3 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  4 Blackcap / Munk;  1 Wood Warbler / Skovsanger;  5 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  1 Spotted Flycatcher / Gra Fluesnapper;  1 Pied Flycatcher / Broget Fluesnapper

                I went for a random drive around the fields looking for any raptors in the afternoon and after failing miserably to find anything I got back to the station to find a cracking juvenile Honey Buzzard flying around the garden!   This proved to be the start of a little burst of activity in the evening with 4 Marsh Harriers and 20+ Sparrowhawks coming in from the north – the harriers continued south out to sea but seemingly none of the Sparrowhawks were prepared to head out this late in the day and either turned round or angled off to the west across the fields.   Also in the evening a Temminck’s Stint flew low over the pond in the front field and two Knot flew west.

IMG 2218 400x267

Another hot day

torsdag 25. august 2016
af Alex Penn

A day with similar weather to yesterday produced about half the number of birds - just 45 new birds of 14 species ringed today. Blackcaps were most numerous (9) closely followed by Lesser Whitethroat. A Greenfinch was the first caught for a while. 

Not much was noted flying over the garden today - the highlight a flock of 12 Crossbills. Other than that, small numbers of Tree Pipit and Yellow Wagtail, 3 Sparrowhawks and a Great Spotted Woodpecker were the only birds of note. A Wryneck was seen several times but managed to evade our nets.  

Ringing totals comprised:

Tree Pipit/Skovpiber - 1, Robin/Rødhals - 2, Thrush Nightingale/Nattergal - 1, Redstart/Rødstjert - 2, Icterine Warbler/Gulbug - 3, Lesser Whitethroat/Gærdesanger - 8, Whitethroat/Tornsanger - 5, Garden Warbler/Havesanger - 4, Blackcap/Munk - 9, Willow Warbler/Løvsanger - 6, Spotted Flycatcher/Grå Fluesnapper - 1, Pied Flycatcher/Broget Fluesnapper - 1, Starling/Stær - 1, Greenfinch/Grønirisk - 1.  

Warm and sunny

onsdag 24. august 2016
af Simon Davies

The weather changed yet again with today being a glorious, warm, sunny late summer’s day with a light easterly breeze; this change did produce a decent number of birds in the nets through the day with 109 new birds highlighted by 3 Thrush Nightingales, 2 Red-backed Shrikes and a smart juvenile Whinchat while the main species caught comprised 29 Lesser Whitethroats, 17 Blackcaps, 18 Willow Warblers and 6 Marsh Warblers.

Today's totals - 3 Tree Pipits / Skovpiber;  2 Yellow Wagtail / Gul Vipstjert;  4 Dunnock / Jernspurv;  1 Robin / Roedhals;  3 Thrush Nightingale / Nattergal;  3 Redstart / Roedstjert;  1 Whinchat / Bynkefugl;  6 Marsh Warbler / Kaersanger;  29 Lesser Whitethroat / Gaerdesanger;  8 Whitethroat / Tornsanger;  3 Garden Warbler / Havesanger;  17 Blackcap / Munk;  18 Willow Warbler / Loevsanger;  1 Spotted Flycatcher / Gra Fluesnapper;  4 Pied Flycatcher / Broget Fluesnapper;  1 Great Tit / Musvit;  2 Red-backed Shrike / Roedrygget Tornskad;  1 Starling / Staer;  1 Tree Sparrow / Skovspurv;  1 Linnet / Tornirisk

DSCN6455 327x400


DSCN6474 360x400

Blue-headed Wagtail

                A few waders were heard overhead through the morning including Spotted Redshank, Grey Plover, Whimbrel, Curlew, Ringed Plover and Green Sandpiper while a couple of mixed duck flocks also went over with Wigeon, Shoveler and Teal picked out.   Other birds around the garden included several Swifts lingering overhead, a Great-spotted Woodpecker and good numbers of Tree Pipits during the first hour of daylight.

                A look off the point in the evening (1730-1830) then produced a few birds including 5 Black Terns, 6 Little Gulls, 50+ Sandwich Terns, 14 Arctic Terns, 13 Common Terns, 12 Teal, 13 Common Scoter, 3 Velvet Scoter and perhaps the most unusual bird being a breeding plumaged Razorbill which flew south – scarce on the Baltic side of Denmark.

More pictures from around Gedser at www.wykebirding.blogspot.com

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