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Recapture of a Belgium Munk: 5 May of this year

fredag 21. juni 2019
af Robert Luttik

With kind regards Robert

recovery munk text

recovery munk map


Last Day

lørdag 15. juni 2019
and rain nearly stopped play
af Nigel Judson

Rain just clearing as the nets were opened, but came down 100% as the standard netting session finished.

Not many birds:-

Marsh Warbler           1

Lesser Whitethroat     1          (1)

Chaffinch                    1

Totals                          3           (1)

Excellent three weeks again at GFU. May see you next year.

Have a good summer.



Still quiet part 2

fredag 14. juni 2019
plus one regular
af Nigel Judson

The Rosefinch was really pleased to see me this morning and an Icterine Warbler was doing it's best to mimic a Thrush Nightingale but sounded like the Spice Girls singing 'Nessun Dorma'.

Sunny and light breeze meant only 6 new birds and 1 retrap. Each of the first few net rounds found the same female Lesser Whitethroat in the same net. Only one thing to do - close the net and let her get on with tending the nest.

Here are todays exciting results:-

Lesser Whitethroat       1            (1)

Linnet                            1

Icterine Warbler             1

Garden Warbler             2

Blackcap                        1

Totals                              6              (1)



Calm weather

torsdag 13. juni 2019
and a few new arrivals
af Nigel Judson

Today stated with nice calm weather round the nets.

The garden is alive with Painted Lady butterflies but they are not the only new arrivals. It may be the middle of June but today 7 acrocephalus warblers were caught, with some Reed Warblers singing in the garden. Not so much a fall, but a stumble. Nonetheless showing birds are still moving north.

A female Blackcap was also caught with an interesting hair style. Aged as a 3k+ (euring code 6). 


As birds get older oestrogen levels reduce and testosterone becomes more dominant with male features coming to the fore. Old female Reed Buntings can also show black head. Like little old ladies getting moustaches.

Totals for today:-

Wren                      1

Icterine Warbler     1              (2)

Willow Warbler      2

Marsh Warbler       3

Reed Warbler         4

Lesser Whitethroat  1

Blackcap                   1

Whitethroat               1

Chaffinch                   1 

Blackbird                                 (1)

Totals                          15        (3)



Thunderbolt and lightening, very very frightening.

onsdag 12. juni 2019
A serious storm from over the Baltic put a stop to the standard netting.

Is that the first time Freddie Mercury has been quoted on GFU blog?

The storm was so ferocious that netting could not be started until 08:30. But spirits were high in the house and I was ready for what the morning brought.

Marginally better than recent days with 11 new birds and only one retrap.

With an increased number of birds I have restarted the occasional series of competions.

Today, a male Linnet turned up expecting to be in the "Most Beautiful Bird" competition that we run last week. The excuse for lateness was the poor train service to Nykoping and the non-existence of a replacement bus service. Suggested closer attention to the Tweets.

Male Linnet

Male Linnet



But todays competition has been won by an Icterine Warbler who has been crowned as "Bird with the Biggest Attitude". Due to the fact that there is a No Publicity Agreement in place an image of the winner is not available.

Here are todays totals.

Marsh Warbler             2

Reed Warbler               1

Icterine Warbler             1            (1)

Lesser Whitethroat        1

Whitethroat                    1

Chiffchaff                        2

Chaffinch                        2

Linnet                             1

Totals                              11               (1)

That's all for now.







open and closed case

tirsdag 11. juni 2019
then just one
af Nigel Judson

Nets open at 4.00 as usual to light rain. Radar suggested that it had just passed. By 4.45 it was heavy, persistant rain. Nets closed until 06.40 then dry and progressively sunny until 12.00 when I got fed up. One bird, female Chaffinch at . Decided to finish mowing the lawns that I started yesterday. Amazing the number of Painted Lady butterflies around this year. Not unusual to see 20 at a time.

If you need it in table form here you are:

Chaffinch     1

Total             1

Enjoy your day. I will.


Well, what can I say

mandag 10. juni 2019
Another day ending with single figure totals
af Nigel Judson

Not really much to say about today, again.

Another 1k Linnet presumably from the same brood as the bird caught yesterday. I've seen an adult female collecting nesting materials in the last couple of days. So a second brood is on the way.

Here are the totals:-

Icterine Warbler          2

Blackcap                     1

Chiffchaff                     1        (1)

Linnet                           1

Lesser Whitethroat                 (1)

Total                            5          (2)




Still quiet

søndag 9. juni 2019
But the weather is really good.
af Nigel Judson

Typical coastal weather today. Clear skies and a strong breeze.

Unfortunately, not very good for catching birds. Of the three unringed birds that we caught two were a bit special. The first was a female Red-backed Shrike.

Red backed ShrikeRed-backed Shrike female

The second bird worth mentioning was the first 1k bird of the year. A young Linnet, old enough to be independent of it's parents but obviously a first year bird due to it's fresh plumage-

Linnet1k Linnet

Here are todays totals,

Blackcap       1

Red-backed Shrike      1

Linnet          1

Lesser Whitethroat        (1)

Icterine Warbler             (1)

Whitethroat                    (1)

Totals        3                   (3)



Rain from first light

lørdag 8. juni 2019
and that destroyed any chances of completing the standardised netting.
af Nigel Judson

Yes heavy rain then we managed to open a few nets at 10:00am under strong winds. So we only managed to ring 7 birds and 5 recaptures.

Here we go:-

Tree Pipit       1

Marsh Warbler     1

Reed Warbler    2

Icterine Warbler   1     (1)

Garden Warbler    1     (1)

Rosefinch                (1)

Lesser Whitethroat       (2)

Totals                       7      (5)






After the storm at sea it was a calm sunny day

fredag 7. juni 2019
But still no birds
af Nigel Judson

There was a real storm out on the Baltic yesterday afternoon and rain continued over night. All cleared up by morning and the morning started calm and cloudy. Still no birds in the nets though. Here are the totals:-

Marsh Warbler      1

Icterine Warbler     4        (4)

Whitethroat             2        (1)

Garden Warbler      1        (1)

Chaffinch                 1

Greenfinch               1

Linnet                       2

Lesser Whitethroat           (2)

Totals                     13          (8)

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